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Hoboleaks Data Export

Some data, which is missing from the official EVE Online Static Data Export (SDE) and/or ESI, is instead made available by Hoboleaks here in JSON format.

Currently, the following data is published here:

* This data is normally included in the official SDE or ESI, but contains (or used to contain) inaccurate or outdated information, so we provide the correct data here.

** Highly experimental, may not always be completely up to date.

All data linked here is property of CCP Games. Hoboleaks does not create this data, we only convert it.

Usage Notes:

Data on this page is automatically updated a few minutes after every new TQ patch, and as such may not perfectly match the current version of the SDE (which is sometimes not released instantly with a new patch).

There is also some metadata available here: Hoboleaks Metadata. This JSON file contains timestamps of when the files on this site was last updated. Please note that, much like CCP's own SDE, a new file revision does not necessarily mean the contents were updated. Therefore, the meta file also includes a md5 hash which you can use to detect actual changes to its contents. Finally, a "stale" flag indicates whether the update was successful on a new patch. If a file is stale, then its contents may be outdated. This often means the underlying data structure has changed, and Hoboleaks needs to be updated to reflect this..

Missing some other data which you can't get through ESI or SDE? Has a file been stale for a couple of days/patches in a row? Message Inomares on Tweetfleet Slack.

If CCP adds any of this data to their own SDE/ESI, it may eventually be removed from this page. A heads up will be given on this page and in the meta file.

Don't be alarmed by the cache hit headers; CDN's cache is purged when there's an update.